About Skandhanshi Group

Skandhanshi Group is a diverse value-based national conglomerate focused on bettering everyday living through the products and services they provide. Established in 2009, the organisation that began its journey as a real estate construction start-up in Kurnool has transformed into an ever-growing corporation that's into construction, interiors, organic foods, skincare, wellness and retail.

The Leadership

At The Helm Of All The Success

Skandhanshi Group's phenomenal growth and popularity stems from the brains that steer it in the right direction.

The Chairman

An astute leader and thorough professional, Mr. Suresh Kumar Reddy leads Skandhanshi Group as the Chairman and Managing Director. His exceptional leadership and vast entrepreneurial experience of almost 15 years are at the heart of this organisation’s popularity and acceptance across 3 states and lakhs of customers.


Our Vision

To be India's most successful, trusted and customer-centric business conglomerate.

Our Values

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    The trust we earn from our customers and partners is what matters most to us. It's what fuels us to greater heights.

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    In our every endeavour, we strive to be honest, transparent and ethical to ensure that the brand's legacy remains unblemished.

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    Customer Centricity

    We are who we are due to the patronage of our customers. And so, their experience with us is of the highest priority.

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    Our focus on delivering the best of everything has always been the secret to our success. We ensure it through strict guidelines and processes.

Our Mission

To enhance the lifestyle of people in every way possible through our innovative products and services.